Political science exam

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General Instructions: Number your pages, type double-spaced, put the number of your question by your response. Submit via Blackboard ONLY.  Value of exam: 30 points (30% of final grade). If you use ANY source other than yer own brain, then be sure to say so. Use any citation style you want. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due. (If you do not understand what I just said, email and ask me for more info/detail.)
A.    short answers ten points total—indicate in one sentence a definition and in a second sentence the significance of the term/person/etc. TO the study of the 1950s as a decade (1 point each)
1.    Buddy Holly                    6. Edward R Murrow
2.    Dorothy Dandridge            7. I Love Lucy
3.    ducktail haircut                8. nuclear submarines
4.    Gunsmoke                    9. Brown v. Board (1954)
5.    James Dean                    10. Bettie Page

B. MAJOR ESSAYS  twenty points total—(answer both—10 points each) (Be very clear and specific. Be as detailed as you can; include as many examples as you can.)
1. Compare and contrast the WWII and 1950s eras. What were some key cultural, social, and political differences in the two decades? Use examples of figures, films, music, politics, etc. to illustrate the differences.
2. Discuss the Red Scare in the 1950s. Be sure to talk about HUAC, Senator McCarthy, and popular culture. Use at least 8 references from your Halberstam book in order to describe the political, social, and fiscal aspects of the early 1950s.