Policy brief paper CRNA Prescriptive authority in TEXAS

Prescriptive authority is currently the only aspect of practice in Texas that has specific supervision requirements.
DO a policy brief that will change to allow Certified Nurse Anesthetist unsupervised prescriptive authority.

attached I added a PowerPoint of something you can get few of the information

You will need to explore difference in how CRNAs currently order drugs and devices, and compare that to prescriptive authority for APRNs. These are two distinctly different mechanisms. In

essence, you would be proposing to eliminate the current mechanism used by CRNAs to order drugs/devices, and replace that with an improved prescriptive authority process wherein Board of

nursing granted prescriptive authority would not have any physician involvement whatsoever. In developing your policy brief, you must identify who you are targeting to effect the change you

desire. Are you proposing legislation where you would target legislators?

This is a position paper/state of the art paper/policy draft. For the purposes of this course, a Briefing Paper and Backgrounder format is the end result of the issue you will address. It is based on

a process known as knowledge based strategic decision making. This process is a prototype that can be applied to numerous issues in various situations…at work, on boards, in community

groups. If the topic is one with a fairly readily known answer or is a short range topic, a Briefing Paper is more of a matter of presentation of information in a comprehensive manner. Otherwise,

the Briefing Paper is really helping people have knowledge in common before trying to reach a decision. Theoretically, the solution or position created is a much better one when a decision has

been reached through shared conversation and thinking. Creating the brief and backgrounder consists of 6 parts as described in the attached paper.