physics assignment

physics assignment
The aim of this experiment is to calculate the acceleration due to gravity, by accurately timing the period
Prepare a report containing the following four sections:

• An introduction that states the purpose of the experiment (why the study was undertaken).
• A methodology that describes the materials used, the method (steps) for performing the experiment,
and experimental design process (how the study was done).
• A results and discussion section that includes your calculated value for the acceleration due to
gravity, the uncertainty in the measurement, and a discussion of your result including any issues,
sources of error or possible improvements (what the study found).
• A conclusion that summarises your experiment.
state the purpose of the experiment and what you are aiming to achieve. It should
also introduce any concepts or information that is relevant to your experiment. (For example, what is the
acceleration due to gravity and how can a pendulum be used to calculate it?)
Describe what materials are required and how to perform your experiment. A thorough
explanation of the design process also needs to be included. The methodology should be the main section of
your report.
Some of the main issues your experimental design process should consider are:
• Measurement of pendulum length and centre of mass;
• Measurement of period (including human reaction times);
• Choice of materials (the type of string used, etc);
• Influences other than gravity.
You should discuss the effects of these (and other) issues, and how your experimental design minimises any
negative impacts. A researcher should be able to completely replicate (exactly repeat) your experiment based
on the introduction and methodology.


Give the results of your experiment (what was the length of your pendulum, the
period, and the calculated value for g), uncertainty calculations, and a discussion of the experiment and these
results. Were the results what you expected? If not, why not? What went right and wrong during your
experiment? How could you improve your experiment?