Peter walking on water

Peter walking on water

Paper instructions:
Your presentation should have a focus on the place of art in the Christian community – the relationship between art and the Christian – viewing art through the

Christian Worldview lens. So taking these into account, and all the material we have studied present and analyze and then connect to our Christian worldview and

Christian community.
I’ve chosen Peter walking on water, I want the paper to talk about our Journey in Faith and how the painting portrays that through us.

Property Economics: Assignment

You must answer both questions and they are equally weighted. All work submitted must be typed and presented to a high standard as appropriate for a piece of

coursework. Rough work and handwritten notes will not be accepted and will not be marked.

1.    You have been asked to value an out-of-town retail warehouse unit currently occupied by Tesco. The unit is 900 sq.m. and is currently let at £300,000 p.a. The

lease will expire in 3 years and there are no rent reviews scheduled within this period. A neighbouring unit of a similar size recently let for £450 psm. You are aware

of a similar retail unit, let recently at £420,000p.a., with 5 yearly rent reviews, which was purchased by an investor for £7 million.

Your client has asked you to advise her on the capital value of the property. You should include a time diagram in your answer and must clearly set out all elements of

the analysis of market evidence that you undertake to determine the inputs into your valuation.

2.    Your client is interested in purchasing an office property in the city of Lunbury, occupied by UpTheCreek Adeventures, a travel firm that has recently gone

into receivership. The property is located in a secondary area of the city, on the opposite bank of the river Lun to the main central business district of the city.

The council has recently confirmed plans to construct a new footbridge across the river, providing a pedestrian link between the city centre and the location of the

subject property. Your client’s proposed purchase would be considered as an investment and so he requires your advice as to the yield that he might consider as

appropriate as an input into his valuation. You are aware of three comparable properties, as set out below:

Comparable 1:  A recently let high spec modern office property, located in a prime street in the central business district of Lunbury. It has a MR of £500,000 p.a.,

and was recently sold on the open market for £6,250,000.

Comparable 2:  A similar office to the subject property, occupied by the national high street bank BKOS. The current MR is thought to be around £250,000 p.a. and it is

on the market for £2.5m.

Comparable 3:  The subject property itself sold for £4.1m one year ago, with an annual income of £350,000. Since then, the economy has declined.

You should provide your client with full and reasoned advice, providing explanations for your analysis and for any assumptions that you make.