Partnering Approach between Housing Developer & Small Size Contractors

Partnering Approach between Housing Developer & Small Size Contractors in UK and Reviewing

Study of Partnering Approach between Housing Developer & Small Size Contractors in UK and Reviewing the Viability for Implementation of the same in Construction Industry of United Arab Emirates

Project description
• Studying the contractual relationship of a Housing Developer & Small Size Contractor in the UK Construction Industry while comparing partnering approach to traditional procurement approaches particularly on a small scale construction projects thus locating ways of potential implementation in the UAE construction industry


• Study of current procurement practices
• Studying partnering
• Reviewing success and failure factors of relationship of developer and contractor
• Analyzing how partnering can replace and bring success on small scale projects

Main hypothesis

The procurement method for any project must cater the best benefits of all the stakeholders.

Outline methodology

Phase 1: Literature Review
The study will include review of relevant literature on the subject. This will be comprised of library resources and other resources like online information available, journals, previous researches, dissertation reports, occasional papers, and government publications etc. Projects done with partnering in comparison to those done on traditional methods will be studied and analyzed. All the literature will be reviewed from the references of UK & UAE construction industry.

Phase 2: Survey of proposed and current methodology
The information got from literature review will be used to prepare a survey questionnaire regarding the study, which will include questions revealing information provided to the attempter and questions revealing their own experience of the subject matter. The questionnaire will be distributed in the working professionals in the local market and abroad if necessary. The response will be analyzed, and presented with own conclusions in the final output. The survey and questioner will be send to the various companies of UAE construction industry.

Phase 3: Writing the report
This stage is comprised of writing up a report which will be a printed copy comprised of various chapters proposed as under.

Proposed structure
Chapter 1- Introduction to the dissertation (should be minimum of 2500 to 3000 words)
Chapter 2- literature review (should be minimum of 9000 to 9500 words)
Chapter 3- Research methodology (should be minimum of 1000 to 1200 words)
Chapter 4- Data analysis (should be minimum of 3000 to 4000 words)
Chapter 5- Conclusions and recommendations (should be minimum of 1500 to 2000 words)
Chapter 6- References (30 to 40 references)
Chapter 7- Appendices