Pain and Meaning, -the book of job

Class:Pain and Meaning, -the book of job

 Class:Pain and Meaning, -the book of job Paper details I am in an essay class on pain and meaning and I’m required to write an essay concerning The book of Job. Your goal is to make a well-defined argument that incorporates scholarly views and (possibly) historical perspectives. Above
all, research should be argument-oriented. That is, it should be used by you, rather than overwhelm you. A research question is not something that you are looking for “facts” about. Repeat: this is not research of an empirical/experimental kind. You are looking at what has been thought and agreed upon and not-agreed-upon: you may want to use it as background, as a starting point, as a launching pad for disagreement, as something to nuance, as a building block in a different argument, as a “method” to apply to a different matter, etc. Your question will guide what your argument ultimately is, but your research (what you draw upon) will also be inflected by your argument. – my professor

That being said, I think I would like to argue one of these things 1. That there is next to nothing to learn from The book of Job besides “god is unfathomable, so whatever he gives you, just suck it up” 2. There is something to be learned from God answer to Job besides the fact that he (god) is almighty. You can choose. I just need three scholarly sources (maybe 3 writings on the meaning of Gods words to job) to either argue with or agree with on whatever argument you choose. Thanks.