Old Spice

Old Spice
Old spice is a well renowned American company that was established in 1990 having been acquired from the parent company which was known as the Shulton Company. The company is very famous in America for making male products such as shower gels, aftershaves, and deodorants. Initially old spice products were targeted to the women whereby one of its first product was a fragrance specially made for women. However, Procter and Gambler which is the manufacturer of old spice products has since focused on making male products only after reviewing its target audience.
What is the media strategy?
The marketing strategy of old spice is very rich since it targets to inform, persuade and attract the attention of all the target audience regardless of their social status. Procter and Gambler have invested so much time and resources in a view to marketing its products, a move that has paid off since it has increased its consumer base with time (Borden, M. 2010, July 14). One of the outstanding marketing strategies is the use of popular games in America such as bowling in advertising old spice products. Old spice products such as body wash and deodorants are advertised in such games through the most preferred media in America, the television and social media.
In addition to the success of the media strategy at old spice, the company has also featured some of the most popular celebrities in America, in advertising their products. This marketing plan has worked out well in favor of the company’s mission, whereby it has attracted more consumers thereby increasing its profitability level (Smith, D. 2011, August 18).
Another factor that has enriched the media strategy in old spice is the quality of content in the marketing of its products. This has created a clear understanding of products to the consumers hence establishing a good rapport between the company and consumers.
Which communications media will be the most effective for reaching your target audience?
In my view I think it would be good to interact with the consumers at a more personal level as a way of sensitizing them more about the products and also as a way of appreciating their support. As much as the communication media used at old spice has worked out, it is still not enough since the company is still faced with the task of maintaining the consumers it has attracted. According to the marketing strategy of Procter and Gambler, I think it has only achieved one aspect of increasing the consumer base thereby overlooking the aspect of maintaining the customers.
One of the communication media I would apply in my marketing strategy is the interaction with customers whereby I would take the opportunity of thanking them and also informing them more about the products (Vaynerchuk, G. 2011, March 10). The most appropriate media to achieve this would be the social media such as facebook, twitter and blogs whereby I would interact with thousands of my customers’ world wide and show them my appreciation for their unwavering support.
The social media would be the most appropriate marketing media since it is the only form of media that has grown so fast over the years thereby attracting a majority of the population. Marketing at this would give me a perfect opportunity of reaching my audience since majority of the people use the social media more often and therefore chances are that I can always find someone logged in when marketing products (Smith, D. 2011, August 18).

Explain the optimal timing and continuity of your campaign
In order to capturing the attention of my target audience, I would intensify my campaign of advertising old spice products in the summer season since that is when most of the activities are carried out. Most sporting activities are said to be held at the summer season and therefore it would be a good opportunity to market such products like shower gels and deodorants. I would also interact with my target audience i.e. the sportsmen at the different sporting events in order to show them how some of the products are used as well as appreciating their support (Smith, D. 2011, August 18). In addition to enhancing continuity of the campaign, it would be appropriate to offer the customers some discount as a way of maintaining the company’s sales level as well as the customers (Borden, M. 2010, July 14).
What support (secondary) media should be used? Why?
In my view the secondary form of media that would be appropriate in advertising old spice products is the use of the electronic media such as television and radio. These forms of media are so appropriate in that they are widely used in America with a good percentage of the population owning the electronic devices (Smith, D. 2011, August 18). Therefore it would be the easiest and appropriate form of alternative media to use if first one fails. Another contributing factor as to why I would use the electronic media is that it engages the target audience e.g. radio talks thereby interacting with them at a more personal level. It is through this that the audiences get to understand more about the products hence boosting their confidence.

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