Objectives, Motivation and Challenges Custom Essay

One of the basic aspects of any institution is the achievement of the goals that have been set up in the strategic plans for the given period of the year. Behind every successful venture in any given institutions, is the fluidity in leadership and supervision (Businessmind.at, 2014). The basic principle relates to providing the staff with the right kind of motivation through manageable challenges. It is crucial that the challenges are in line with the broader objectives of the institution. At the same time, it is important that enough resources are allocated to avoid delay in the implementation (Serc.carleton.edu, 2014). Finally, the objective should be measurable. The rationale for the workshop is to get every other staff reevaluate their ability to take up challenges with a positive attitude to generate results. At the workshop, some of the factors that may have great impact include the user experience for the staff (Ccvillage.buffalo.edu, 2014