this is a negligence case

Harry Hewel is a proffesional soccer player for australia who regularly visits the red cross blood bank to make donations. Desdemona is a nurse who has employed by blood bank for the past 3 years . Desdemona works regular hours and receives a fortnightly pay. She has a severe cold and is upset that she has lost her handkerchief . Just as Desdemona is about to insert the syringe from foloor and uses it to extract harry’s blood.

The next day, harry’s arm becomes sore and swollen . Two days later he visits the doctor . Harry is told that his arm is infected, that he has the flu and will have to spend the next 5 days in bed. The doctor also advises him not to play soccer for the next two weeks.

As a professional soccer player , Harry is paid to practice and play soccer. Because of the flu harry is unable to attend 5 practice session at 1000$ per day . A series of cup games for Australia worth 300,000$ are scheduled to begin in one week. Acting upon the doctor’s advice, Harry cancels his Australian soccer tour. His lost earnings amount to 305.000$

Harry wants to know if anyone can be liable for his financial losses and seek you’r advice

Look at Negligence
– duty of care in this case
– breach of duty in this case
– damage in this case