Music Television (MTV) and the development of music videos

Music Television (MTV) and the development of music videos

Research paper in Music History.
Mainly about MTV as an institution. Their marketing strategies and how they have expanded their service globally.

I imagine the setup of the paper to be something like this:

(approx 20%)What is a music video and a bit about the story of music videos before MTV.

(approx 70%)Main part: About the title. (questions suggestions: What was the original purpose of the channel? Story about MTV in general? The development in the music video style and the music video format? Take one of the channels and write a bit about it. I come from Denmark, so MTV-Nordic would be relevant? MTV and channel V fighting over the asia-market? The central role in introducing popular music they have had and future plans?)

(approx 10%)Supplementing part: Social activism – Choose or Lose, Fight For Your
Rights, think MTV og MTV Act and Power of 12?

Just a sketch. Feel free to change as much as needed to improve the paper setup.
Litterature suggestions(I have not checked their credibility):

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