Multinational business environment and operations c

Multinational business environment and operations c
It’s a Photo Essay


1) Select a global product that you are interested in learning more about. It can be a good or a service (for example: iPhone, Honda Civic, rice, radiology, brokerage, a t-shirt). Or it can be a class of goods or services (cell phones, automobiles, food, medical services, financial services, garments).

2) Tell the story of the international trade of the product you selected in the form of a photo essay. The photo essay will have to include the following:-

(a) A title which indicates the photo essay’s theme. This theme must be related to globalization and/or international management.
(b) 12 photographs, (at least 6 of the photographs must been taken by you with a camera.) The others photographs can be sourced from the internet.
(c) 150 words caption under each photo explaining the relationship of the image to the theme and to the material of this class. Make sure to indicate which photos you took yourself, and if possible, when/where.
(d) 500 words overview of the photo essay.