Movie Blow Up

Movie Blow Up

Watching the film Blow Up which was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. Oay attention to the totality of Antonioni’shot choices, mise-en-scene,

camera movement, and the way he relates actors to objects in his compositions. Answering the following questions: 1. How would you describe the color

palette of the film? What are the dominant colors? 2. What are the principal locations utilized in the film? 3. How do you feel about the

photographer and supporting characters in the film? Notice that while he is named in the short story that served as the inspiration for the film,

Antonioni purposely does not name him in the film. 4. What interesting directing strategies did you notice in scenes or sequences? 5. What meaning do

you take from the scene at the end of the film? Pay close attention to the last shot and edit. See the case study notes on Antonioni from class #7.

6. Although Blow Up most effectively utilizes visuals to tell the story, there are some very interesting lines of dialogue in the film that

contribute to the theme. Did any of them capture your attention?