Motivate & Empower Mobility

Motivate & Empower Mobility

This Design Challenge is focused on ways to motivate / empower mobility among older adults in their daily lives, both inside their homes and in their community.

The goals of the Design Challenge are threefold:
1) Create well-designed, practical solutions that address key issues associated with aging
2) Encourage a new generation of students to become knowledgeable about aging issues
3) Provide promising designers with a path to drive change in the world

each team should pick a design, and we picked the following design:

This is a 4 page document describing our design :


The following part is your assignment: (please follow instructions clearly)

Student Assignment 14.2 and 14.3:

-Review the Student Assignments at the end of Chapter 14. Complete 14.2 (Constraints) and 14.3/3A (User Survey & Quality Characteristics).

This is CH14 :

please follow instructions clearly