Marketing for growth

Marketing for growth

Analyze various approaches to marketing management by researching and presenting an essay comparing how two different business models practice

marketing management in the 21st century.

Select two companies and prepare a listing of all of the marketing messages the company disseminates through their various communication channels.

This might include public relations, television advertisements, and internet advertising, print messages.

Collect the samples and review the materials looking for a common message (IMC examples). What sort of commonality of message, preference for one

form of communication over another (by frequency), or series of non-related messages. Consider selecting companies that may make key marketing

management members available for them to speak with. Consider asking questions regarding how the company is reacting to changes in marketing

management for the 21st century. Consider the 14 points listed in chapter one in Table 1.1 as a guide. Grades will be based on originality of

thought, ability to research and examine and compare two different business models and how they each implement functions of marketing management.

Essays will be evaluated using MLA format requirements. Exhibit the ability to apply evaluative and interpretive skills learned in the course. The

essay should be a minimum of 12,500 words and not more than 3,000 words. Expand your abilities to write concisely.