THe instructions are below. Please make sure to address each bulleted point
For this task, you will use the ?Shuzworld? case study (see Web Links section below). You will need to read the entire case study to be able to complete this task correctly.


Prepare a memo to your boss in which you do the following:
A. Recommend which method (i.e., using reconditioned equipment, purchasing new equipment in its Shanghai plant, or outsourcing to another manufacturing operation) Shuzworld should use for the manufacturing of its sneakers, utilizing the appropriate decision analysis tool.

1. Submit a copy of the output from your decision analysis tool of choice. (THIS CAN BE INCLUDED IN THE PAPER OR A SEPERATE ATTACHEMENT)

a. Explain why you chose the decision analysis tool you used.


B. Develop a sales volume forecast using the least squares method and one other forecasting method. (MUST USE LEAST SQUARES METHOD)

1. Submit a copy of the output from the decision analysis tools you used.

2. Compare the results between the two methods you used.
C. Discuss how to apply control chart metrics to improve quality in the Shuzworld production line.