This week’s Hand-in assignment will allow you to:

• Recognise and empathise with the cultural background and values of colleagues of different nationalities, ethnicities and religions;

• Recognise and deal with the cross-cultural issues and tensions that may arise in international communications, negotiations and projects;

• Recognise and suggest solutions for the particular problems that arise in international firms with regard to human resources management and marketing;

Recognise and suggest solutions for ethical problems that arise in international business.

Week 4 Hand-in Assignment

List and explain what are in your opinion the five most important issues facing the leaders of cross-cultural virtual teams.

Then, design a set of best practices for the leadership of cross-cultural, virtual teams. Consider the following questions in your design:

• What are the challenges posed by cultural diversity among team members? Pay particular attention to the ways in which cross-cultural teams are unique.

• How important is an understanding of the individual cultures represented on the team to successful team management? Should your best practices be culture-specific or apply to management in general? Cite specific examples in your analysis.

Please, read the attached articles and use them as references. You can add more references.