Library Information studies- Research evaluation (subject)-Evaluating research for practice

Library Information studies- Research evaluation (subject)-Evaluating research for practice
Read the following research articles:

Burke, S. (2008). Public library resources used by immigrant households. Public Libraries, 47(4), 32-41.
Shoham, S. & Strauss, S.K. (2008). Immigrants’ information needs: Their role in the absorption process. Information Research, 13(4), 14-14. Available online in an open access journal from
• Report on what kind of research each of the two articles presents.
• Evaluate how well the research has been conducted according to the method and approach of the research.
• Assess how useful each of the research articles is for practical decision-making in information organisations that service immigrant populations.
The emphasis is on understanding and evaluating what type of research is presented in the article and how much can be learned from the research in the article that would be of practical use to a library trying to understand the information needs of immigrants. The emphasis is not on how much you know about the subject of the articles.

• Use the evaluation checklist provided in Interact Resources to assess the completeness and quality of the two articles.
• Using your filled-out evaluation checklists, the information presented in the modules, and your own analyses, provide a detailed commentary on each of these articles.
• Discuss and evaluate the research methods and techniques, referring to the literature on research methods.
• Evaluate how these two articles might assist an information professional in their practice and decision-making.