Discussion Forum: Managing Resistance to Change

The Topic Overview identified some techniques for managing resistance to change. Which techniques match your own management style and temperament? Do you think manipulation, coercion and cover-up attempt to sidestep resistance to change? Can those strategies contribute to the success of change in the long-term?

Peer support discussion for Topic 2

Please use this space to discuss interesting issues relating to topic 2 and possible queries you may have in relation to the material or the assignment.

Discussion Forum: The Change Process

Lewis describe change as a 3 step process involving “Unfreezing,” “Movement,” and “Refreezing.” Which step do you think is the most difficult and why?

Writing Assignment

Reflect on a change process that you have participated in or observed in an organization in which you are involved. This can be your workplace, an organization in your community, etc.

Write a 3 to 5 paragraph essay analyzing the change process using the change concept literature in your readings. In your essay you should identify the problem and proposed change, then explain how the change occurred using theory and concepts found in the module materials.

Article Discussion

Please read this paper on cashless society and automated systems.

Please hit this link http://econpapers.repec.org/paper/pramprapa/50646.htm

As soon as you open the link, you have to hit ‘downloads. Find the article on the top left of the new page and download it. Read it and write a paragraph analyzing which stakeholders and how they are influenced by the case under study – always in relation to ethics and change.

The answers should be without plagiarism,with Harvard referencing standard and as per instructions.