Leadership Development Portfolio

** Part 1:Awareness and Assessment: Your Leader Self-Insights (approximately 500 words):
You are required to complete the assigned sequence of self-assessment exercises called Leader’s Self-Insight (copies of these are to be found in the core textbook by

Richard Daft “The Leadership Experience, 2008 or 2010 edition”). These exercises relate to aspects of your leadership abilities, attributes, and potential for

continued development. First, you must complete and report the results (scores or other indicators) for each Leader’s Self-Insight. Then, you will write a brief

interpretation of what this means for you (using at least five assessments), along with an integrating conclusion. Choose the FIVE assessments that you feel are most

insightful and (or) relevant to your continuing leadership development plan. Of course, you are welcome to write interpretations for more than five assessments if you


** Part 2:Integration and Extension: Personalized Leadership Approach& Development Plan (approximately 3000 words):
This section is the conclusion of the Portfolio – for the present moment. Here you are asked to incorporate your learning into a holistic and unified representation of

what leadership means to you in your daily life and ongoing career. The focal point of Part 2 is your own Personal Model of leadership…