Knowledge and Reality

Knowledge and Reality

Ninth Edition of Philosophy: The Power of Ideas
Unit 1: What is Philosophy? Branches of Philosophy.

Text: Chapter 1 (1-17)

Unit 2: Socrates
Text:  Chapter 3  (35-38)

Apology (excerpt pp. 46-49)

WISDOM WALK, Introduction; Chapter 1: Hinduism, (1-20); Chapter 9: Service (207-234)

Text: Eastern Influences- (486-489)

CHOICE 1: After reading about the life, trial, and death of Socrates, what do you think about Socrates’ address to the Athenians at his trial, when he said, “The unexamined life is not worth living?”  How does it relate to examples in your own life?

CHOICE 2: When the Oracle indicated that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens, he was confused.  He exclaimed:  “One thing only I know, I know nothing.”  Although this launched Socrates’ search, and although he later found out that the Oracle was right, there is wisdom is Socrates’ statement: One thing I know, I know nothing.”  What is wise about Socrates statement?  How is the wisdom of this statement relevant to your own or others’ life experience?

CHOICE 3: After viewing the video on Socrates, comment on an aspect of what was presented.  What was interesting to you?  Can you find some aspect of Socrates’ life and teaching that has not yet been discussed in the discussions yet?  Is there a quote from Socrates (written by Plato, of course) that you can add as an enrichment to our class? What is relevant for us today?


CHOICE 1: We’re experimenting with home altars.  Take a look at the wisdom steps in Wisdom Walk and experiment with creating a home altar.  What was the experience like for you?  Feel free to attach a picture of your home altar. How is this related to your understanding of the significance of altars in Hinduism?

CHOICE 2: Think about the recent issues in which Hinduism intersects with global issues.
religious wars
role of women
treatment of children
influence of Hindu teachers of meditation on western culture
other ideas of significance
How does knowing about the wisdom and issues of Hinduism related to the concerns of a global citizen?

a.  Hinduism introduces the concept of reincarnation.  Share your understanding of the concept along with your personal point of view.

b.  One may hear the concept of karma in everyday interaction.  Share your understanding of the view according to Hinduism as well as your thoughts about how it might relate to your life or one’s life in general.

CHOICE 4: Choose a story in Wisdom Walk, including the intro story and the ones in “Challenges and Progress on the Path.” Describe what the story teaches you about Hinduism, global perspectives, and/or the wisdom practice.  Relate one of the items you discuss to your own personal experience or a contemporary social and political issue.