Jinni kins Jeans report

Project description
There were 2 topics to choose. I have chosen this topic: Evaluate how far Jinnikins Jeans approach to reward is consistent with their business objectives

You must write an outline REPORT of 500 words (excluding references, models etc)
Your references need to be in the correct (Cite them right) Harvard format with an accurate reference list.
Please dont create a bullet point list and this doesnt allow you to explain your thoughts fully
Your formative report should cover:
Structure: the logical sequence in which themes and ideas are presented using the summative assignment marking criteria as guidelines.
Appropriate key theories applied: although some of the taught sessions covering the assignment choices are later in the semester, with some advance reading you should be able to identify at least a basic sample of 3 key theories which support your chosen topic. You should be able to identify why these theories are relevant to your chosen topic.
Outline of analysis and evaluation of the JJ case study with examples from that case study: This is where you demonstrate how you are going to use theory to explore the case study, by using relevant examples (with page references) from the case study to illustrate the key points you are making.
Outline action plan/policy content: this section offers an opportunity for you to briefly indicate actions and/or policy content might need to be taken based on 2. and 3. above. Its important that practicality and relevance are identified.

Case study and marking criteria files will be downloaded later.