1. Jesus is the Messiah who is a High Priest, a Prophet and a King. When is Jesus a Priest, a Prophet and a King?
  1. What is the Tabernacle? What is the purpose of it?  What are the names of different areas?  What are the items in the Tabernacle?
  1. Please explain following Christian terms.
  1. Salvation
  1. Regeneration
  1. Conversion
  1. Baptism
  1. Justification
  1. Adoption
  1. Sanctification
  1. Perseverance
  1. Assurance
  1. Glorification
  1. Revelation
  1. List of all Bible books (Old Testaments & New Testaments) and explain the structure. (For example. What do we call first 5 books?  What do we call next 12 books?)
  1. What does the Bible tell us (8 of them)? (For example. About Bible)
  1. How can we obtain the Bible knowledge?
  1. What are the characteristics of Jesus Christ? (5 of them) Please explain it with the Bible verses.
  1. What kinds of love are there? What is the highest kind of love? How can display that love?
  1. What is the Christianity?
  1. What is the life of Christian should look like?