International Business: China Custom Essay

China is the most populated country globally with a size of 1.3 billion people and this form 20% of the population on earth. It occupies most of the East Asian part of the continent and fourth largest in the region. Moreover, it has an area coverage of 9,596,960 Km2 with 9,326,410 Km2 of inland lakes and rivers. China has reduced fertility rate, however, its population is still increasing with a considerable gender imbalance (119 boys born for every 100 girls). The life expectancy in China is high with an increasingly high number of the aging population (Federal Research Division, 2006). The age structures based on the 2006 estimates the age structure is 0-14 years (20%), 15-64 years (71.4%), and 65 years and older (7.7%) with a birth rate of 13.3 births per 12,000 and a death rate of 6.9 per 12,000. China has a well-developed physical infrastructure in different sectors of the economy comprising of well-developed and advanced buildings, roads, railways, airports, water and waste, energy, ports, and metro and light rail. The Chinese government is led by a president and is a communist country (Federal Research Division, 2006).