Informative Outline Check Sheet (Refer to Packet p 4 Instructions and p 5 Blank)

Informative Outline Check Sheet (Refer to Packet p 4 Instructions and p 5 Blank)
-Format Requirements = Roman Numerals and Capital Letters required.
-Content/Order Requirements = Below Points Need to be Written & May or May Not be Said Out loud.
-Label of Sections Requirements = Shown on Instructions p 4 and p 5 Blank
**Sources (abbreviated notations or phrases) need to be placed in the outline where content used—to remind you to say the source(s) out loud. Plus work cited complete list (full bibliographic reference or url) of sources at end of your outline or on a separate page.
——Label in margin your strategies for reaching the different learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners) plus the Kolb Style Learners (Feelings and others, Watching/Listening to Role Model, Think Logically or Expert Theories and Concepts, or Doing/Experiencing).
Strategy – Listener Engagement & Chapter 15 Speaking to Inform
(Structure – Chapter 10 – Outlining Your Ideas) Full Sentence Outline (not key word or paragraphs)
Chapter 11 – Using Transitions

Opening Statement-Relate to Closing and Start/with Strategic Opening Remarks

Introduction (Chapter 11)
I. Need/Interest why We Should Listen to the Topic
II. Why Should We Listen to You
III. Preview of Main Points

Body (Label One Method Used here_________) (Support & Strategy – Chapter 7 & 8 & 9 Ideas)

Conclusion (Chapter 11)
I. Review of Main Points
II. Review Why We Should Listen to the Topic
III. Review Why Should We Listen to You

Closing Statement – Relate to Opening and Wrap-up/with Strategic Final Remarks

**Work Cited (Chapter 7 – Your Research)
(Separate Page or at end of your outline) Complete MLA/APA Citations (Resources Section/Text)

Power Point Slides Check Sheet Chapter 12 Visual Support
-Number of Content Slides = 2 slides minimum and 6 slides maximum.

-2 Required slides not in the above Number = 1) Title Slide with Topic and Your Name Required; and, 2) Work Cited Slide.

*2 Sources need to be placed on slides where content used—to remind you to say the source(s) out loud.

-Use slides when need to discuss or explain info. Remember to speak to audience and not the slide.

-Use blank slides when needed. They help shift the focus to you and what you are talking about.

-May use other visuals, objects. OK to use sound clips and/or video clips (35-40 seconds total time).
Eric Anderson
Successful Strategies for Selling on Craigslist
Opening Statement: Today I am going to teach you how you can make extra income as a college student without selling drugs, plasma or dancing on the street holding a little Caesar’s sign.
I. Need/Interest for Listeners
A. We all have wants, whether it’s more money for dating, gas, or the newest technology. (Power point Slide #1)
B. As students we are always looking for extra income to secure those wants, especially if we can work for as little time as possible. We need time for other activities.
C. Selling on Craigslist, will help you earn extra money without investing very much time.
Craigslist is #7 worldwide in terms of English-language page views (Craigslist Factsheet)
II. Credibility
A. Originally I started using Craigslist as a buyer, and I found a lot of great deals. Then I realized that I could make extra money selling items from what I had learned.
B. I have been using Craigslist for over 2 years, and in that time I have made thousands of dollars. No training course or books were available, I taught myself with experience.
III. Overview of Main Points
Craigslist is a valuable resource that can be utilized in order to make money if successful, safe selling strategies are used.
A. Researching comparable products is helpful to determine price and description.
B. Specific marketing strategies are important to attract potential buyers.
C. Never reveal too much, and always use caution in carrying out a transaction to avoid any dangerous experiences.
Body (Method = Topical)
I. Basics of Setting Up Your First Classified Ad
A. You need to first navigate to our local Phoenix Craigslist (PowerPoint slide #2)
B. Before you can sell, you need to pretend you are buying the product you will sell
1. Search for your item, and compare descriptions and pricing of various examples.
2. Make notes of strong selling points, average price, and go back to main site.
C. Click, “post to classifieds”
II. Selling Strategies
A. First impressions are almost everything in Craigslist, and will often affect whether or not a shopper will click on your classified. (PowerPoint slide #3)
1. Have a specific, clear posting title which catches the eye and provides basic information
1. The more keywords you can fit in, the better
2. Putting the right price will allow your product to sell before it gets pushed to the next page of results
3. The more specific location you put, the better. People are usually willing to travel further than you think, but at least they can put it into consideration!
B. There are a few essentials which must be included in every listing to increase the ratio of viewers/buyers.
1. Give a very clear description of EXACTLY what you are selling. Don’t assume they know certain details.
2. “Talk up” your item as much as you can, such as “perfect for…” or “hardly been used.”
1. Practice “talking up” something you have to your classmate
a. 10 seconds to find an object and someone, 15 seconds to talk it up, switch
3. I have found that more people will contact you, resulting in quicker transactions, if your cell phone number is posted.
4. Be clear on whether you accept only cash or trades as well.
5. Post multiple, high quality photos which are close enough to show details and remove any doubt of the quality of your item.
III. Dangerous situations can easily be avoided with adequate precaution.
A. If the person is asking personal or intrusive questions or it “just doesn’t feel right”, don’t do it! It’s not worth it!
B. Pick a very public place to make the transaction. (PowerPoint slide #4)
1. If meeting a stranger be sure you are meeting in a safe place or you have trusted friends along with you. (Ehow)
2. Avoid carrying the item openly, try to conceal it until you recognize the buyer, and you see the money.
C. If a situation becomes dangerous, drop the item and leave.
I. Summary of Points
As you strive to compete with similar products, apply aggressive marketing strategies, and prepare defensively for transactions, you can have a positive experience each and every time selling on Craigslist.
II. Wrap Up Need/Interest For Listeners
a. Craigslist is the 7th most visited website in the world, and will likely continue to grow as people strive to save money in the economy.
b. I know that if you follow these ideas you will be able to become a competitive seller.
III. Wrap Up Purpose & Credibility
a. The reason I chose this topic is because I am an experienced seller, and I wish I had this information when I first decided I wanted to sell.

Closing Statement: I hope you all are able to make extra money to fill your wants and needs as you try out selling on Craigslist!

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