infomation systems

This is a data modeling and database design exercise.

A movie company currently has several on-going movies under production. The manager of the company needs to keep track of the information of each movie such as tile of the movie, description, names of director and producer, starting date and ending date, budget, etc. The manager also needs to keep track of the information of all actors/actress who played roles in these firms, including actor/actress’s ID, name, pay(salary), title of the role, phone number, etc. The manager needs to know which actor/actress participating in what movie. Assuming each movie can have many actors/actress, but each actor/actress can only play one role in a movie but an actor/actress can play in many movies.

1. Create an Entity-Relationship model for this scenario. (You may use any computer-diagramming tool, such as Powerpoint or Visio to draw this model).

2. Implement this model into Access database by creating corresponding tables and load some consistense data into the table. Also, create a relationship among tables you create using Access.

3. Hand in the hard copy of

a. Entity-Relationship diagram
b. The printout of table contents of each table you create.
c. The Relationship diagram you create in Access. (see the tutorial case on how to create such diagram)