Industrial Labor Relations

Topic: week 2 IP – Industrial Labor Relations

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Please don’t forget to add speaker notes to each slide!
In your role as VP of human resources, you have been involved in a number of suits brought on by the union; some you have won in front of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and some you have lost. Because it is time for the annual factory supervisory management training, you thought you should put together a refresher training presentation for the supervisors and to assist your new hire, Jane, in dealing with major labor relations legislation and Supreme Court rulings.
• Create a PowerPoint presentation including the following:
o 12–15 slides
o Speaker notes
o Colored background
o Clip art or eye-catching graphs or pictures
• Review all 3 of the following cases and labor issues:
o Griggs vs. Duke Power
o Either the Supreme Court’s ruling about reverse discrimination involving the New Haven, Connecticut Fire Department, or the Bakke Case
o WARN legislation
• For each of the 3 cases and labor issues, describe the following:
o What the issue was about
o Why its broad application to business in general is important to HR managers like Jane and line managers