Impact of fur trade on the Northwest

Paper title: Impact of fur trade on the Northwest

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Subject: History

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Details: From the articles by Jennifer Ott and Lorne Hamond ( attached) , write the impact of the fur trade mercantile capitalism on the environment. Consider the motivations and practices of the Hudson’s Bay company, the short and long-term consequences of the trade, and the implications of a market based economy for human-environment relation. 1200 words Name of articles: Jennifer Ott, “’Ruining’ the Rivers in the Snake Country: The Hudson’s Bay Company’s Fur Desert Policy,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 104 No. 2(Summer 2003), 166-95. Lorne Hammond, “Marketing Wildlife: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Pacific Northwest. 1821-1849,” Forest and conservation History 37 No. 1 (Jan. 1993), 14 -25.