Impact of Action Movies Containing Arab Characters on American Students’ Opinions about Arab Students

Impact of Action Movies Containing Arab Characters on American Students’ Opinions about Arab Students: Analysis from the Perspective of Social Learning Theory
Tables and Charts to explain the result and my hypotheses

10- As for your data analysis, I would like you to connect your data explicitly to each of your survey questions and to your hypotheses. For each question on your survey when you report your results you should make clear which hypothesis it is measuring and whether or not the hypothesis was supported or rejected, or, more precisely, whether or not you were able to reject the null hypothesis (that there is no correlation). You can do as many tables and statistical tests as make sense to you and you think appropriate, but you need to explain clearly what you are doing and why and most importantly how it related to your hypotheses. Finally, you should summarize which of your hypotheses were supported. Then you should discuss these findings in your final section and point the way toward further research.
11- You want to report the demographic information and be sure to report any issues with it. Such being skewed by gender, age, class, etc. Then you want to run statistics that answer your research questions and report the results. Remember that not finding statistical significance is still an interesting finding, though it may not be exactly what you were hoping to find. After you run the statistics and answer you research questions you need to discuss the results and how they progress the previous research. Discuss the limitations to your study and how future research can take what you have learned with your study and move forward with another study.
12- My professors told me this many times, and you must know this: (you are only testing for a correlation, not causation. You are looking at whether the data supports a corollary relationship between those two variables. You cannot test for causation via this survey. )
13- You must know this in my survey questions that I have 10 action movies with Arab characters and 10 action movies with No Arab characters. This is 10 action movies with Arab characters (The Kingdom (2007), Rendition (2007), United 93 (2006), True Lies (1994) The Siege (1998), Rules of Engagement (2000), The Three Kings (1999), Delta Force One: The Lost Pattrol (1999), The Body (2001), Iron Man (2008)== and this the 10 action movies with No Arab characters (Skyfall (2012) Jack Reacher (2012) The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) The Expendables (2010) Fast & Furious (2009) The Last Stand (2013) Bad Boys (2003) Shooter (2007) Terminator Salvation (2009) Red (2010).