identify the problem of schlumberger company

the writer should has two books: Biech, E. (2007). Thriving through change . Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press. Russell, J. & Russell, L. (2006). Change basics . ——————–Week 5 Readings – CB 59-80; TTC 87-101; 103-116 3pargrpahs for each parts each one should be 3 paragraphs per parts first part: Basic Rule 16 – People find comfort, safety, and security in stable systems. It is this sense of comfort and complacency that change leaders seek to disrupt.

Part 2:dentify Final Paper Organization
,,,,Introduce the major company/organization you’ve chosen for your final paper and indicate their problem.

notice:I attached a file that can help you introduced my company
the company I have choice called schlumberger one of the biggest oil company in the world it has many branches around the world I worked in Saudi Arabia