Identify at least one workforce management practice and one workforce development practice for your organization or one with which you are familiar.

Unit 2 Assignment 1
Workforce Management and Workforce Development
For this assignment, choose a case study from Chapter 3 of your Strategic Human Capital Management text (pages 63–95). Use this case study to complete the following:
•Review the key points of the case study.
•Relate the case study to your organization.(Community colleges) How does it fit with your organization’s current situation?
•Identify the workforce management strategies and workforce development strategies at work in your chosen case study. You may wish to refer to the Workforce Management and the Workforce Development Practices Lists, included in the Resources.
•Answer the following questions:
?What is the difference between a basic practice, best practice, and best fit?
?What is the role of “fit” in the case study, and how does it compare to how “fit” is achieved at your organization?
?Would the approach used in the case study apply to your organization? Why or why not?
?What would you recommend as a best fit solution for your organization?

Unit 4 Assignment 1
Human Capital Management Measures

Website icon Human Capital Management Measures Scoring Guide.
Website icon Writing Feedback Tool.
Microsoft Word icon Workforce Management and Workforce Development Practices Lists.

At this point you have learned about the human capital management value matrix, as well as various ways that an organization may measure HCM. For this assignment, you are asked to share how your organization measures HCM and what they can do to improve their measurements.

Complete the following:
•Identify at least one workforce management practice and one workforce development practice for your organization or one with which you are familiar. You may choose from the Workforce Management and Workforce Development Practices Lists, or select your own.
•identify how your organization currently measures either or both of the following. If your organization does not use either, explain how they measure their current practices. ?Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation.
?Phillips’s 5th level addition (return on investment).

•Critically analyze how your organization measures the above practices. Again, if your organization currently evaluates any workforce management or workforce development practices, choose one of each and describe how you would measure them using Kirkpatrick’s and Phillips’ measurements. ( Note: If for any reason you are unable to gain access to certain information, inform your instructor so you can come up with a workaround.)
•Describe how those measurements relate to the Value Matrix. Review Table 8.1, on page 244 of your text for examples of measures in the HCM Value Matrix

Unit 6 Assignment 1

Workforce management and workforce development practices and strategies are essential to any successful organization. As a representative of an organization’s human resources group and a supporter of human capital management, it is important to understand these strategies and practices and how to apply, use, and measure them within an organization. Examples of workforce management practices include compensation and benefits, reward and incentive programs, retention and turnover, and globalization. Examples of workforce development practices include on-the-job training; onboarding practices, new employee orientation, and organizational socialization.

In this project you are asked to assess both a workforce management practice and a workforce development practice and apply both to an organization. In order to do that, you must complete the following:
•Choose one workforce development practice and one workforce management practice that should be started or improved in your organization. Select a practice from the Workforce Management and Workforce Development Practices Lists or choose your own.
•Provide a high-level overview of your chosen organization’s business systems, processes, and technology to help explain why the practices you have chosen are the right ones on which to focus.
•Identify each practice and explain why you chose it. Provide scholarly support.
•Explain how each practice would be measured. How would you put those measurements in place?
•Describe how you will