Identify and explain the Key Performance Indicators that affect customer satisfaction.

Assignment Instructions

Please choose a company from the list below and prepare a REPORT (2,500 words) of analysis of its operational processes with an aim to improve the efficiency and better customer experience.


• Choose a company from the list below that you can find clear issues or problems of operational processes that need to be improved. Please choose one that you go to observe it in person by yourself to collect data and findings

• Go to the store, observe and survey their operations and processes, also do some questionnaires or survey to get findings of customers’ feedback

• Analyse its operational processes, consumer journey (explain how it proceeds step by step), how the company works to serve customers

• Identify and explain the Key Performance Indicators that affect customer satisfaction

• Identify KEY issues or problems or challenges of the operation that affect customer experience/satisfaction, identify and explain how each of these has been caused and how they can affect the customer experience/satisfaction. Only focus on 4-5 key obvious issues and problems that need to be improved

• Provide recommendations for solutions to improve the identified issues and problems that can help increase efficiency and better customer experience

Company list:

• Starbucks


• Burger King

• McDonald

• Nando’s

• Pizza Hut

• Any other brands you want to do, please ask me for approval first

RESEARCH FINDINGS: must be a combination of YOUR OWN OBSERVATION as PRIMARY, and online data as secondary, so there may not be so many references as most findings will be from your observations and survey. Observing just a few branches is fine.

**ALL THE DATA/RESEARCH FINDINGS MUST BE IN UK, because the purpose is to improve UK customer experience** so if you’re from the US, please make it ‘UK’