geography 319

Order Instructions:

Written Responses: Five written responses are due throughout the semester. Students will choose which response assignments they write during the semester, although at least two must be completed before the midterm exam. NO LATE RESPONSES will be accepted without documentation of illness or other compelling causes.
Response papers will incorporate various course readings and will require: 1) a short synopsis of two or more readings, 2) an analysis of the findings and arguments of featured authors, and 3) an interpretation of the significance of the material given our current class dialogue. Responses are a prelude to meaningful class discussion/participation and must absolutely be done on time.Headers should be one line only with no title. For example:

Name_Response 1/5
Responses are one page, single spaced with 12 point font (Times New Roman) and default margins of 1 inch.

please writ a response writing for those two files in one paper.