Gay and Violence

Gay and Violence
Paper instructions:
Research Paper Guidelines:

The research paper is what it says. It presents your original research, formulating your findings as an analytical, interpretive contribution to your chosen topic. These guidelines will start you on the process.

Your paper may deal with any topic related to the development of femaleness and maleness. You may define sex and gender in the broad sense we have used in this course. The subject matter can be psychological, historical, anthropological, etc. Interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged.

Your aim is not simply to report what happened, but to analyze and interpret. You must develop a thesis and an argument to support it. Explain the significance and implications of your topic; fit it into what we have learned in class. Your argument must be based on research in at least four primary or secondary sources.

You must write coherently and in an organized manner, editing with great care and attention to the craft, style, and sophistication of your writing in regards to both form and content.