Focus on pension and retirement fund part.


1. Use Newfoundland legislation etc. to do your research. In the outline I refer to Alberta, but your case
takes place in Newfoundland, so use that for your research and strategy development.

2. The case says it is in the 1990s, ignore that and assume it is current and you will be negotiating the
2013 agreement. I don?t want you to be going back and trying to figure out what wage rates looked like back
For this assignment students are required to work in teams to develop either a union or a management
bargaining book for the Bargaining Simulation.


Your bargaining book must include:

An analysis of BATNA for your side and for your opposition (this is an overall assessment and not required
for each individual issue).
A negotiating strategy, including an explanation of your strategic choices. Hint: it may be good to think
about bargaining power when developing your strategy.
A ranking of the issues (from 1 to 4, with 1 being the most important) and a brief rational for the ranking.

These first three items should take approximately 2 double-spaced pages.


Then, for each of the four issues that will be negotiated, students will:

Prepare opening, target and resistance points for each issue.
Develop rationale/arguments that justify your target position, so you can convince the other side to agree
with you.
For any economic issues, you must show how much your target position will cost the company.
Include back up in appropriately labeled appendices ? e.g. this is where you would include costing
spreadsheets/CPI data, comparison data, etc. You should use the information in the case in addition to
current economic/wage information for Alberta.
The best rationale will consider the impact of your proposal on the company (i.e. revenues/net income) and
the workers (increase/decrease in real wages/benefits).
The best rationale will also anticipate what the opposition will likely argue, and how you will counter them.
If you are negotiating a new collective agreement clause or changing the wording, include the whole clause
with the exact wording you would like. Be as clear and specific as possible.