Florida international university

Florida international university

analyze foriegn educated practitioner nursing program at Florida international university
As a team, analyze the FEP Undergraduate nursing program (semester 1 through 5). Using APA (2010) format, prepare a 3,500-5,000 word (i.e. 10-15 pages) paper evaluating the curriculum using the criteria listed below. Include at least 10 references (less than 5 years old) for the total paper to support your analysis. Use the following criteria to evaluate the curriculum:

Part 1 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Describe the FIU nursing school mission, philosophy, and conceptual framework and how it fits within the FIU overall university framework. What nursing theory or theories does the school follow?
Part 2 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Describe AACN/CCNE standards that must be met by this curriculum or that serve as the guidelines for development of an undergraduate nursing program.
Part 3 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Describe the NCLEX preparation knowledge and skills that must be met by this curriculum.
Part 4 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Describe the curriculum design. What influences the curriculum design?
Part 5 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: What are the expected program objectives? Does the curricular design and implementation facilitate attainment of outcomes? What influences the development of program outcomes? Do these outcomes meet nursing professional, accreditation, and social expectations?
Part 6 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: How are the courses designed? Do courses meet curricular design? Describe course design and how learning expectations and curricular outcomes are achieved. Describe teaching learning strategies.
Part 7 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Compare and contrast our curriculum here at FIU with the curriculums at the following universities: University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of California at San Francisco, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Florida.
Part 8 of Curriculum Analysis Paper: Do an evaluation of the curriculum based on the accreditation model and make 3 recommendations for curricular modifications.
Use APA (2010) style appropriately for the format of paper and at least 10 in-text citations and references (less than 5 years old).

See course calendar for due dates for each part of this total assignment. Parts of this assignment may receive formative feedback from course instructor so that you may incorporate this feedback into the final paper.

Parts of this paper are directly related to the discussion questions. Please refer to your course calendar.

This assignment is due Week 10 with all 8 parts intact and will be graded at that time.