First, tell us who your favorite author is and why you admire this particular writer so much.
Second, write a few paragraphs or some dialogue in the style of your favorite author.
This is your chance to test yourself, and what kind of control you have of language—taking on not merely a set situation to write about, but to do it in a style that, while greatly admired by you, is necessarily similar to your own voice.
I’m going to give you all the same incident to render into your favorite writer’s style, so we can really compare and contrast the styles of our chosen writers.
So here’s your starting point: Tom and Myra go to the beach. They want to go in for a swim, but Myra doesn’t like the idea of Tom leaving his wallet and keys under the towel. He assures her it will be fine. They swim. When they come back the wallet and keys are gone. Pick up the story from that point.