Finance and Accounting Annual report Project

The extent to which financial analysis is required depends on the point in the
course at which the Annual Report Project is assigned. Instruction SE, below, pro-
vides several options.

“I. Choose a company, and obtain its most recent annual report online or through
your library or another source.

2. Use the Internet or your library to locate at least two articles about the company
and the industry in which it operates. Read the articles, as well as the annual
report. and summarize your findings. In addition, access the company‘s lnternet
home page directly or through the Needles Accounting Resource Center Web»
site (WWW.£57/if/Vlflfl.Co7/V1/PLC£()Mntiflfl/7L€KdlE.€). Review the company’s products and
services and its financial information. Summarize what you have learned.

3. Your analysis should consist offive or six double-spaced pages organized accord»
ing to the following, outline:

A. Introduction

Identify the company by writing a summary that includes the following, elements:

Name of the chief executive officer

Location of the home office

Ending date of latest fiscal year

Description of the company‘s principal products or services

Main geographic area of activity

Name of the company’s independent accountants (auditors). In your own
words, explain what the accountants said about the company’s financial statements.
The most recent price of the company’s stock and its dividend per share. Be
sure to provide the date for this information.

B. Industry Situation and Company Plans

Describeithe industry and its outlook. Then summarize the company’s future
plans based on what you learned from the annual report and your other research.
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