Explain yourself and the reson you are applying for scholarship?

Edit this paper so it sounds interesting, flowing, and make it stand out. Feel free to move words around or re-arrange sentences/ paragraphs so that when they read it, they say I deserve this scholarship.

Introduction: tell us about yourself. Why are you applying for this scholarship? Feel free to include fun facts, an appropriate photograph, or anything that you feel would make you stand out.

Who Am I?

My given name is Sandrine Mireille A. Some people call me Sandy, Tangerine, Manderine, or sardine and I would reply thank God I am eatable! Sandrine is an original French name that derived from the popular Greek name Alexander- protector and defender of man. Yes that is right, I place others needs before myself, and advocate for my patients. A Sandrine have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. We are smart with great intuitive skills and are generally known to be hot headed but kind hearted, fun, and loving people! No wonder I was called a knuckle head while growing up. As a Sandrine, I am a loyal friend but cross me once and you will need to prove yourself as a true friend once again before regaining my trust! Have an idea of who I am now?

More to my name is Mireille, meaning to admire, God spoke, prosperous, wonderful, and peaceful. Now I see why I have always been drawn into the healthcare field, especially nursing. The meaning of my name already tells I am in the right profession and that nursing is my calling. That being said, I am a 29 years-old single mother of an intelligent, beautiful 8 years old princess and a clever, adorable 2 years old boy. My kids are my life, the oxygen that I breathe, and I am blessed to be their mother. My days off are dedicated to my family and friends. I enjoy taking my kids to the movie, Chuck E Cheese, and the park. And for my own “me” time, I love to dance and travel whenever possible. Also, I do some volunteer work for UNESCO Center for Peace summer camp program where I am the Nurse coordinator; but taking a break this year due to school.

Right after high school, I first majored in Pre-medicine, and later on changed to nursing after having such a wonderful experience with the nurses during and after the labor of my daughter; which made me pursuit nursing. And oh my! that was one of the best and smart decision I ever made as a knuckle head. But I made a promised to myself to be more than an Associate of Nursing. I promised myself to go as far as I could with my nursing career, to obtain my BSN, MSN, and my Nurse Practitioner before I turn 35years old.

I have been a nurse for a little over two years. I currently work as a full time staff nurse and as a PRN weekend day-shift supervisor at Northampton Manor Health Care, a Long and short term care facility. I work twelve hours shift, which is convenient; especially when dealing with little kids, work, and school. Whenever I tell my co-workers of my short nursing experience, they seem to be surprised, and state that the way I handle the floor, no could ever tell. And my response would be, when you are cut for a certain job, the skills comes naturally.

Being a young single mother of two little kids motivates me more than anything in life to achieve my goal such as obtaining my BSN and MSN, and advancing my nursing career to be a role model to my kids, friends, and family. Also, as the oldest child in the family, it motivates me to be a good leader because I feel as it is my duty to lead the way to success, and set good examples to my younger siblings by working hard. Growing up, my parents always said I was like the locomotive of the train . So if the locomotive falls in the ditch, then the cabooses most likely will follow too.

Applying for the 1st Annual F.A Davis Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship will help me pay for my fall semester tuition. Thus, reducing the overtime hours I would have to work in order to continue the pursuit of my BSN or to repay school loan, and allowing me more time to focus on my education and my precious little angel. After all, every cents counts as stated by New York Governor Peterson. And, any help is better than nothing. I have been avoiding school loans and said to myself, I will work hard for my BSN, and until my MSN and higher education to start taking out school loans. So far, I salute myself for accomplishing such goal. Winning this scholarship will be a great help, and you will not regret for selecting me as your winner recipient.