Events that changed USA during the years 1775 throughout 1820

Write about the American Revolution, the declaration of independence and the treaty of paris. Discuss how “you”(I) believe most changed the course of history during the years 1775 throughout 1820 and what actions produced these events. Also how the impact was a positive one for all of the three events…..


The history of the USA was changed by three events during the years 1775 through 1820. The first ever organised movement in the world where people wanted to rule themselves was the American Revolution. The revolution involved the thirteen colonies of North America and the English government.
Most of the people who settled in these colonies were from England but the English government treated them unfairly. They were denied rights which they were enjoyed by Englishmen living in England. For instance, they had to pay much higher taxes and had to stomach trade restrictions imposed on them. Additionally, they had poor representation in the administrative set-up that was in place for the colonies. These made them desire to be viewed as a separate entity; the American nation.
Equality amongst all people and upholding of basic human rights were to be the guiding principles. The inhabitants were to be regarded as free citizens and they had the right to live as they wanted. They could raise their voice about injustices and they could earn a living in any way that pleased them.
In 1776, the colonies representatives met at Philadelphia and adopted the Declaration of Independence. The declaration stated that all men are created equal and therefore they have the right to life, liberty, and they deserved to be happy. It also asserted that the people have the right to form their own government. This step by the colonies sparked the American Revolution which led to American Independence. The colonies secured their independence and referred to themselves as the Unites States of America. Consequently, a constitution was drafted which declared the autonomy of the American Republic.
The Declaration of Independence has also contributed a lot the history of Unites States of America. It was drafted in June 11th and June 28th 1776 by Thomas Jefferson.  To date it is the most important symbol of liberty. It expresses what the Americans have in their minds and hearts.  It was a statement that was adopted by the Continental Congress which had announced that the American colonies had regarded themselves independent and was no longer under the British Empire rule. It acted as an explanation of why the Continental Congress had voted to declare their independence from the British Empire.  It justified USA’s independence, it had listed the problems the colonies experienced to King George III and it demanded legal and natural rights and the rights to revolt. It acted as the announcer of the colonies independence. President Abraham Lincoln stated that the Declaration of Independence was a statement of principles which should act as the guide for the interpretation of the United States Constitution.
In 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed and it brought o an end the American Revolution war between the USA and Great Britain. In 1784 January 14th, the American Congress of the Confederation ratified the treaty of Paris and copies were sent to Europe for the other parties to the treaty to ratify. The treaty had ten important points:
It began by acknowledging the freedom of the USA and asked the British Crown to relinquish their claims to the government.  It then established boundaries – the treat has been said to be very generous to the USA in terms of enlarging the borders- between the US and British North America. It granted fishing rights to the US fishermen.
It provided that the prisoners of war from both sides were to be released and the British army that was in the US were to be unmolested. The US and the Great Britain were both to be given access to the Mississippi River. It also required that the territories captured by the Americans will be returned without compensation.
Rightful owners of all confiscated land were to be recognized by the Congress of the Confederation and the owners were to receive restitution for their estates, properties and rights which had been confiscated. The United Sates was to prevent future confiscations of the Loyalist properties. The lawful contracted debts were to be paid to creditors on either side. The Treaty of Paris was to be ratified within six months from the signing by the parties involved.
The three historical landmarks have helped shape the future of the USA in a positive way. They helped the USA gain independence and free themselves from oppressive rule they suffered under the British Empire. I believe were it not for the American Revolution, USA as we know it today would have been a different existence. The declaration of independence has helped shape the philosophy of human rights, not in the USA alone, but also throughout the world. It has helped in the establishment of democratic government which has been emulated by many nations throughout the world. It helped prepare the Colonies mentally to brace themselves to fight for their independence. I think the Treaty of Paris, brought to an end the American Revolution in an amicable way. The period after a war is usually tense, but the Treaty of Paris helped ensure that the conflict does not resurface again by making sure that the elements better truce are identified and implemented. It made sure that the requirements proposed were satisfactory to each party. I believe that this helped the USA be calm and concentrate on building themselves as a nation. It helped draw the borders of USA and redrew the political landscape of USA as we know it today.

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