Europol is the law enforcement agency of the European Union. Their aim is to help achieve a safer Europe by
supporting the law enforcement agencies of European Union member states in their fight against international
serious crime and terrorism.
In that last paragraph it states their role! Now I will have to critically asses their role. How effective
are they supporting member state law enforcements? How effective is their fight against serious crime:

? Drugs – the Class A drugs trade and the illegal drugs market in the EU.
? Fraud – how government, businesses and individuals all suffer the effects.
? Organised crime groups – what they are and how they are formed.
? Human trafficking – the movement of illegal immigrants for exploitation within the EU.
? People smuggling – transporting illegal immigrants into the EU.
? Money laundering – how criminals ‘clean’ their dirty money.
? Identity crime – how criminals use false identities and documents.
? Firearms – the use of guns by organised criminals.
? Intellectual property crime – the counterfeiting and piracy of goods.
? Counterfeit currency – the latest trends.
? Kidnap and extortion – a serious concern, both in the EU and worldwide.
? Terrorism is self explanatory – ETA, IRA, Al Qaeda etc. 9/11, 7/7, Madrid bombing etc.analyse issues