The EU passes a (fictitious) regulation requiring the replacement of the current copper wire network with fibre optic cable by December 2013. GB Opensearch is the body entrusted with installing fibre optic cable throughout the UK. The scheme is devised and monitored by the Minister for Science and Technology. GB Opensearch is unable to provide Mark with fibre optic cable as he lives on the Isle of Skye off the West coast of Scotland and the sea channel between the Island and the mainland is very busy.
Advise MARK as to whether EU law will assist them. Refer to relevant case law and statutory authority to support your answer.


• Demonstrate an understanding of the EU legal system, how it is evolving and related to the legal systems of member states
• Identify the principles of the laws relating to the internal market, free movement of labour, goods and competition

• Identification and understanding of key issues

• Accuracy of description of legal principles
• • Application of relevant case law, statute and analytical sources

Analysis and evaluation of issues and problems
• Appropriate referencing of sources
• Clarity and order of argument
• Appropriate style, including grammar and spelling
• Range of research: location, retrieval and interpretation of materials as demonstrated by use of citation of those materials to support argument
• Analysis of the sources of information including laws, texts and cases and the underlying complex, social and political issues