enefits and challenges of student feedback Custom Essay

Introduction In every learning setup, feedback is crucial to both the teacher and the students. For the teachers it can be used to making good of their delivery, as they are in a position to evaluate the rate at which the students are getting to understand the material. The end result of any leaning experience is the ultimate understanding of the new concept integrating it with the already existing knowledge for use in different scenarios. This cannot happen if the students do not understand the material. At this point the feedback mechanism helps the student to give their insight on the favourability of the learning material and the methods that the teacher is applying. In most of the cases the teachers get the feedback through the tests that are taken during or after the course, where they get the chance to assess the performance of the students alongside the material that has been taught in and out od class. The following are some of the researches and reports that have been produced in light of the benefits and the challenges that are experienced with the feedback mechanism, either from the teachers’ perspective or the students’. Row, A.(2010).