effects of the 1830 beer act

How did the effects of the 1830 beer act contribute to the rise of temperance movements.
and the primary source which i will provide in images is called Statement On Production And Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages?
When writing about this book, there needs to be argumentation which is logical and reason to it which supports the quotes picked out, be selective and please do not write as a narrative because I need analysis and interpretation and give your own opinion using the quotes.
so the writing needs to be simplistic but must be a very high first class standard at graduate level. In simple words you need to discuss the effects of the beer act of 1830 (and how it had a good and BAD effect) such as how it was causing intoxicating behaviour, seducing young people into debauchery. (more on the bad effect)
U must only use this primary source looking at the images as reading material since there is no online copy as is a primary source from senate house library. Must include your own opinion which relates to the question and the work must have a overall trajectory to it as it is a research paper of my own ideas . you must also talk about how the effect of the beer act has led to rise of temperance movement including WHY (OWN OPINION) and which movements.
again Argument is key and comparison is important to answering the main set question. Historiography and critical discussion of theory and existing literature- need to discuss context of your research, show where what you have written can be located compared to what other historians and scholars have written. If there isn’t an existing literature, then this needs to be made clear!