Education (School Violence and Discipline)

Education (School Violence and Discipline)

Subject: Journalism
Investigative reporting relies upon the effective utilization of information from a variety of sources. Throughout this course, you will develop the skills necessary to locate and research Internet sites for valid information, and evaluate those resources for credibility.

You will apply the research and analysis skills you have developed throughout the course to an investigation of an area of interest. Using the resources found in The Investigative Reporter’s Handbook as a guide, select one of the following focus areas for your research project:
Based on your reading of The Investigative Reporter’s Handbook and other outside reading, respond to the following:

Explain the unique issues that confront this industry. Identify the major “actors” and how these “actors” interact with each other and the public at large.

Locate at least three sources from Ashford Online Library databases and explain how these resources would support investigation in this area.

Identify an issue in the industry you’ve selected that you would like to investigate. Explain why this issue is significant and what you would hope to prove through your research.

Examine at least three unique Internet resources that you would consult as you investigate this issue. Provide specific examples from these resources that would support your investigation.