Economic Crisis 2008

Economic Crisis 2008
Paper instructions:
Find two texts written that argue about, analyze, or explore your topic (see Chapter 2 as needed for descriptions of these approaches; in general, the goals of these texts should be more than simply informational, such as one would find in an encyclopedia entry or traditional news reporting).

These texts can come from any type of source, and should relate to the research topic you have settled on for your final paper.

Remember though that this is not meant to be your final argumentative paper.

Write an essay, a minimum of 1000 words in length, in which you analyze these texts, putting them into conversation with each other and what you know about effective writing. Evaluate the way these authors go about their inquiry, how effectively their texts achieve their purposes with their intended audiences, what major points each presents about your chosen subject, what the main argument and reasons are for each one, etc. You should use quotations from these texts to back up your assertions about them, and you will need to use proper MLA or APA style for formatting.

Use standard comparison/contrast organization for this essay; you can choose to compare, contrast, or both. In other words, you might compare two sources that will later help you as sources in the final paper, or perhaps contrast one pro view against one con view, etc.

Essay needs to be written conventionally, with an introduction, body, and conclusion, and follow one of the prescribed modes of organization for comparison & contrast.
The final topic of the paper is “The relationship of United States and europe in the economical crisis started in 2008, comparing the strategies used to surpass the crisis”