EASC 4415 Professional Engineering Seminar

EASC 4415 Professional Engineering Seminar

Homework 2

You are responsible from chapters 3 and 4 of your textbook for this homework. Please fill in the blanks by locating respective sections from your book, as well as

answering questions that require your written response (part 2). Your responses to part 2 of the homework should not exceed 300 words. Do a word count and state the

number at the end of your homework. Do not copy the original question statement in your response.

Fill in the blanks:

•    Large systems operated by super-intelligent software packages designed and manipulated by the smartest people can

•    Because of the rapid rate of advancement of technology, engineering graduates are literally

•    Historically, professional engineering licenses were

as required by the various licensing and regulatory boards and agencies.
•    The first specialization to occur was to separate             from                .
•    The purpose of formally recognizing or accrediting certification programs is to provide the engineering profession and the general public with assurance that


Part 2:
•    List and briefly describe several ethical challenges that may be encountered in engineering, construction, and project management.

•    Briefly describe egoism, utilitarianism, and deontology.

•    State your position for engineering certification. Are you for or against the idea? Discuss why.