Distrubuted Cognition

Distrubuted Cognition

Order Description

Demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in a concise written response

Describe competing perspectives on cognition as they apply to design

Compare and contrast these perspectives

Assignment Questions (350-400 words response per question)

1. Describe how a collaborative writing system (e.g. Google Docs) might be designed from different perspectives on distributed cognition. For example, how would a “smart seeing and projecting” system differ from a “close-coupling human and responsive artifact” or a “socially-distributed cognition” based system? (Include word count at the end.)

2. Which one would you choose, or how would you combine them? Why did you make that decision? Compare and contrast the alternatives and clearly explain how you would use them in your design based on your knowledge of human cognition and design. (Include word count at the end.)