Discuss the Marshall Mcluhan?s proposition of ?Extension? and ?Amputation? in relation to ?new? convergent
digital media platforms, and the developments in the consumption of content traditionally the domain of
Television. You will be required to use your group?s video as a case study.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv3YwamtG0o (here?s the link to the video)
(This ?new? digital media platform must have an explicit and overt connection to the medium and content of
television) (Min: 3000-3500 words or equivalent).
1. Identify a new digital technology/format/platform, which is appropriate to the assignment title:

2. Critically evaluate and discuss McLuhan?s theoretical propositions

3. Explore a wider range of related theoretical positions (Neil Postman & Raymond Williams are a good
starting point!)

4. Discuss your chosen technology using an appropriate vocabulary. (YouTube)

This question will require the student to reflect critically upon there own personal engagement and
interaction with digital media within specific theoretical paradigms.

Use theories from Marshall Mcluhan about Extensions and Amputations, Global Village, Extension desire and
amputation fear. Post-phenomenological theories on the relation between human beings and technology,

From Cultural Skin to Cultural Therapeutics: media image experience