Discuss the amount of aid provided by the U.S.government to cambodian refugees. do you think it was sufficient?

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bombings in cambodia, 1971-1973

1: why did the U.S.bomb the border region between cambodia and vietnam?


about Pol Pot

1:how do people describe Saloth Sar/Pol Pot asa achild?

2:what is saloth sar/pol pot’s parents’ ethnic background?

The nature of the Khmer Rouge Revolution

1:race played an important role in the khmer rouge policies. why?

2:Alexander Hinton argued that certain aspects of cambodian culture assisted the Khmer Rouge soldiers and cadres in carrying aout their orders to kill and torture. describe and discuss these cultural traits.

3: describe the khmer rouge vision of the ideal utopian society.

about discovering S-21

1: discuss the meaning of genocide. was the torture and tragedy at s-21 a form of genocide?

2: what are the similarities between the nazi death camps and S-21?

3: what are the differences between the nazi death camps and s-21?