Overview: The Textual Artifact Project is the capstone writing project for the course and requires that you draw on all of the textual rhetorical strategies explored this semester (kairos, commonplaces, ethos, pathos, arrangement, and style). An artifact is any combination of words, images, and sounds that represents the values and ideology of a group of people. Artifacts provide a tangible way to read the way that a person or group “argues” for a particular value or ideal.
Objectives: For your artifact project, you will be creating a “text” (using words, images, and other textual elements) that “argues” for a particular value or ideal that is important to you and exigent to your community. The goal of the artifact project is simple: (1) you will produce a textual artifact that is focused on an important issue or a subject you feel needs greater attention, and (2) you will intelligently analyze your own rhetorical choices. Achieving this goal requires you to justify sophisticated rhetorical decisions about how the texts you produce will be effective for a specific audience, purpose, and context. Overall, the Textual Artifact Project involves three interrelated “products”:
a critical reflection on the scope and limitations of the project. This final element of the project will take the form of a traditional written argument that situates the textual artifact within the context of larger questions about how texts function rhetorically in our contemporary scene and society. You will analyze how the choices you have made in your artifact project “fit in” with wider values, commonplaces, and dominant forms that you have been observing in your Commonplace Book over the course of the semester. The goal for this final stage of the project is to look at how writing provides a specific, though limited, way of intervening in the world around us. You will answer this larger question by appealing to what you have learned through the attempt to create your own artifacts using the textual strategies of rhetoric learned in the course. Length should be about 6–7 pages.

purpose : to write how the teenagers by themselves to stop smoking in a very cool way” so that we can stop the increasing of the number of people who smoke, decrease the number of ppl who has chronic sickness, and vanish the fact of the smoking between the young generation.